BNTC is a satellite teaching clinic of CCNM. That means your visit will be attended by a fourth-year intern and your assigned supervising naturopathic doctor. Together, they will take your detailed medical history, noting contributing factors and current health status, and devise an individualized treatment plan based on your health goals.

Making the most of your visit

At BNTC, your first appointment will last for approximately 50-60 minutes, and your follow-up appointments will take up to 45-60 minutes. If this is your first visit, you will need to complete intake and consent forms. To save you time, we recommend that you complete these forms prior to your arrival at BNTC. First and follow-up appointments are designed so that your intern and supervising ND can have a complete picture of your health history. When they have all of the details, they can recommend a treatment plan specifically tailored for you.

Give yourself ample time for your visit – please don’t rush! While your first appointment is scheduled for an hour, it is suggested that you allow 90 min which will include the time it takes in the lab, checking in and paying at the end of your appointment. We are a fragrance-free environment – no perfume, cologne, scented soaps, shampoos, hairspray, body lotions, etc.

How much does it cost?

Visits and treatment at the BNTC are free of charge*. Prescribed products, such as supplements, are not provided free of charge. Parking is charged according to the hospital rates.

*Naturopathic care is not covered by OHIP, but the BNTC is underwritten by CCNM. The typical cost of a naturopathic appointment in the community ranges from $100-$150.