Our therapists believe a balanced state of mental health is more than the absence of symptoms associated with mental illness. Rather, it includes the ability to regulate one's psychological challenges in an adaptive manner. Patients learn how to cope effectively with stressors, as well as how to exercise physiological and psychological resilience to adverse events. Some individuals have greater mental wellness than others, depending on stressors and various factors.

BW-UCC helps patients to achieve optimal mental health through naturopathic medicine.

Naturopathic Approach

Our naturopathic doctors help patients find relief from mental health challenges by identifying underlying triggers and factors that may be influencing, or exacerbating, psychological distress. We also identify avenues of treatment and support that can improve a patient’s capacity to handle stress in their lives.

Some common underlying factors investigated include: insufficient micronutrient intake, suboptimal lifestyle habits, use and/or abuse of substances, side effects from prescription drugs and psychoactive medications, and the presence of medical conditions and diseases.

Successful treatment always depends on a healthy doctor-patient relationship built on trust, honesty, and open communication. Naturopathic treatment options include nutritional supplementation, dietary and lifestyle modifications, botanical medicines, among many others.