Sejal graduated from the University of Toronto with a honours in Molecular Genetics and minor in Psychology. She graduated from CCNM in 1994, after which she started private practice.

Currently, Sejal is a part-time clinic faculty at both the RSNC and BNTC. She is also a TA in 3rd year courses; Primary Care, Emergency Medicine and Health Psych. Sejal has a private practice in Thornhill and Maple, Ontario.

She has an eclectic practice, emphasizing diet and nutrition, lifestyle counselling, botanical medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Her practice focuses on women and children’s health. Her interest in special needs started with the pregnancy of her youngest child, Jai. Sejal has covered over 60 years of nutritional research in Down Syndrome prior to formulating the New Downs supplement. There has been a tremendous amount of nutritional research on Down Syndrome performed over the last couple of decades. The New Downs supplement incorporates this latest research into its formulation.

Sejal has appeared on various television networks. A few of the interviews can be viewed on YouTube. She can be contacted via or