Pilar graduated from the University of Toronto before completing the naturopathic medicine program at CCNM. As a naturopathic doctor, she is dedicated to a multi-faceted approach to health care and well-being, safely combining natural therapies with mainstream medical treatments. She strongly believes in informing patients of their options; many times working together with their medical doctors or specialists for the benefit of the patient.

Pilar maintains a private practice at the Vodden Medical Arts Centre in Brampton, an established medical building just north of downtown Brampton, where she uses a variety of natural therapies emphasizing diet, nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, and acupuncture to address individual health concerns.

In addition to her naturopathic medical career, Pilar has a background in teaching and education which has given her a unique outlook on the assessment and some of the best approaches for children with exceptionalities such as ADD/ADHD, autism and general overall health. Over the past several years, she has committed herself to providing the best possible naturopathic care for families.

Pilar is a member of the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors and the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors.

As a faculty supervisor at the Brampton Naturopathic Teaching Clinic, Pilar hopes to be able to guide interns in providing quality naturopathic care in a hospital setting.