BNTC in the Community

Alzheimer Society Peel

BNTC has established relationship with Alzheimer Society Peel through referrals. If you or someone you know is a patient of  Alzheimer Society Peel and you wish to book an appointment with BNTC, please speak to your support worker. BNTC will also refer to Alzheimers Society Peel if we feel our patients can use their support. 



The Peel Fibromyalgia Support Group

In addition to providing presentations about naturopathic care and integrative medicine, you may also be referred to the BNTC by the Peel Fibromyalgia Support Group.



Wise Elephant Family Health Team 

In March 2015, CCNM, William Osler Health System and the Wise Elephant Family Team (WE-FHT) began work to study the effectiveness of both naturopathic and conventional medicine in treating type 2 diabetes. Through a $418,000 grant, researchers will have the opportunity to gain valuable insight into alternative treatment options, which will be shared to help diabetes patients around the world.

The Brampton-based study provides an opportunity examine how integrative care can lead to improved overall health outcomes for patients with type 2 diabetes, which is more prevalent in this community than in any other area in the province. Learn more about the grant and what the results of the study may mean for naturopathic diabetes care. 

Patients who already receive care at WE-FHT will be offered the opportunity to participate in the clinical trial, which Osler’s research team, in partnership with CCNM, will oversee. Those participants who are randomly selected for the active treatment group will receive naturopathic care at BNTC, in addition to their ongoing treatment.